Community Led

Sunflowers at Grafton is a registered charity and is a community run, not for profit.

Sunflowers was established by a group of local parents concerned by the lack of childcare and community provision in the Parish. The organisation has now developed to be run as a registered charity by Trustees with support from parents, local community members and the Grafton Parish Council through a Steering Group. During the year we hold a number of fundraising events all attended by both parents and staff. Eg.

We have been operating for just over 2 years now and we are delighted with the steady growth we have seen over this time, evidenced by the 120+ families registered with us.  This reflects the quality of the care we provide, the strength of the teams involved in the front line and those behind the scenes (both employed and voluntary) and the confidence placed in us by families who chose us to care for their little ones.

As the organisation is run as not for profit, all profits are ploughed back into Sunflowers to improve and expand childcare provision.