Woodlands provides a spacious outdoor adventure play environment that offers children the opportunity to develop curiosity and learning through the changing cycle of the seasons and nature.

Helping to grow fruit and vegetables

Helping to grow fruit

Learning does not mean staying indoors! We have developed both stimulating indoor and outdoor learning environments and are passionate about the Nature Classrooms we have created at Sunflowers.

All children have easy access to outdoor play and enjoy adventures outdoors, everyday, whatever the weather. We put as much time, thought, planning and resourcing into our outdoor areas as we do to our indoor environment.

There are chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs. Vegetable plots and Charlie the Sunflower’s scarecrow. Cut tree trunks provide a woody walk and a place to dig holes and find worms. Finally our Adventure PlayHouse with slides and swings provides an opportunity to develop physical co-ordination skills and burn off energy.